..un fanboy répond à la PS3 song et démolit la XBOX 360

Personnelement, je me suis bien marré en écoutant la « PS3 Song » qui cassait du sucre sur le dos de la playstation 3. Mais cela n’a pas fait rire tout le monde et comme on pouvait s’y attendre, les fanboys de Sony ont réagi et ont à leurs tours composé la « XBOX 360 Song » sur l’air de 99 Luftballons. Une chanson qui appuie bien sur là ou ça fait mal: les défauts matériels et panne à répétion de la console de Microsoft! 😉

You and I in a little toy shop
Buy a bunch of games and the new Xbox
We’ll play ’til the break of dawn
Now, suddenly, something’s wrong
Microsoft just stick to software
You’re not cut out to make hardware
Now I sit and wonder why
I bought something that will just die
Microsoft’s red ring of doom
Don’t play it for more than a day it’ll die
They keep telling the consumer
We’re getting this game—oh great, another rumor!
Listen good, now, this law
If your 360 happens to fall
It will sound like a chainsaw
It’ll kill the disc, once and for all!
Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it before
Microsoft gives you more
Add more on, it’ll still be phony
They just wish they were more like Sony
Come on listen to all our lies
We’re just trying to avoid demise
Your friends will laugh when your console dies
So when it does, don’t be surprised!
Especially MSNBC
Are Microsoft companies
So, of course, they always decree
360’s 0WNZ PS3’s
At least that’s what they make the public believe.
Microsoft you’re playing a dirty game
Don’t you have any fuckin shame?!
Don’t you have any fuckin shame?!
I have had a 360
And it got the RROD
No more Xbox—I turned Ps3
I had it for months, it still amazes me
Remote connection, free online play
Reliable system, what more can I say?
Sure you guys have Gears of War
And maybe…Halo, if it’s cool anymore…
But we’ve got Lair and Heavenly Sword
Little big planet and MGS 4
Sure we now share DMC
But suck my dick, we’re getting God of War 3!
Killzone, Resistance, and Motorstorm
R+C:TOD will own!
Warhawk, Uncharted, and NGS
The 360’s just left with shit.

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